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2017 softball bats by Louisville Slugger, Demarini, Easton, Rawlings and Mizuno.

Approved by - ASA®, USSSA®, NSA®, ISA®, ISF®  

Louisville Slugger

"Performance PLUS™ Composite With Zero Friction Double Wall Design."

The most popular bat brand in the Fastpitch game brings even more to the plate with these new 2017 fastpitch bat models for the serious player.

Louisville Slugger 2017 LXT Hyper

Louisville Slugger® 2017 LXT Hyper


TRU3 – featuring Dynamic Socket Connection. 3-piece bat construction. PBF barrel technology. Balanced. 2 1/4″ barrel. 7/8″ standard handle. Certified for play in ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and ISF.

Louisville Slugger 2017 Xeno Plus

Louisville Slugger® 2017 Xeno Plus


The new XENO PLUS is made with a zero friction double wall design to give a maximum flex without resistance. 2-piece bat construction with improved iST technology. Balanced Swing Weight. S1iD barrel technology. 2 1/4″ barrel. 7/8″ standard handle.

Louisville Slugger 2017 X12

Louisville Slugger® 2017 X12


The new X12 Fastpitch Softball Bat is the perfect option for new and younger players. LS-2X 100% composite bat with two-piece construction that allows for minimal vibration on contact with the ball. USSSA and ASA approved.


"Featuring The New Paraflex Composite Barrel - 22% Stronger Carbon Fiber Construction"

Revolutionary D-Fusion 2.0 handle. Made for power hitters, smallest length to weight ratio. Evenly Distributed Weight for control through the zone with bigger sweet spot.

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -8 softball bat

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-8)


For the bigger hitters that can handle a heavier bat, the CFO9 (-8) is perfect for elite power hitters. With the smallest length to weight ratio possible.

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -9 softball bat

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-9)


Ideal for heavy hitting high school and college athletes, the CF9 (-9) brings more mass, power, and durability

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -10 balanced softball bat

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-10)


CF9 (-10) Balanced is the most popular bat in their lineup. Bringing together a balanced swing weight with the ultimate in performance.

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -10 Insane Endload

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-10) Insane


With slightly more endload than the (-10) Balanced, this bat brings more pop for the players ready to take their power to the next level. A more focused sweet spot to really drive through the cometition.

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -10 Slapper Fastpitch Bat

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-10) Slapper


For those left-handed, speedy slappers, the CF9 (-10) Slapper is the perfect bat. The long 14" barrel provides maximum plate coverage and is weighted more towards the hands to provide better barrel control.

DeMarini 2017 CF9 drop -11 softball bat

DeMarini® 2017 CF9 (-11)


CF9 -11 gives the ultimate in performance for younger players who take their game seriously. Ready to step up to the next level in youth softball? This is the choice for you.

More 2017 Fastpitch Bats

Easton 2017 Stealth Flex Softball Bat



Featured in the 2016 Women’s College World Series®!

Flex™ Flexible Barrel Compression, For a softer barrel. TCT™ Termo Composite Technology, For a massive sweet spot. CXN ZERO™ Two-piece Connexion™ Technology, Engineered for zero vibration. 1.2mm HYPERSKIN™ grip provides stability during hitting.

Rawlings 2017 Quatro Softball Bat

Rawlings® 2017 Quatro™


Introducing the Rawlings® Quatro™, it's a game changer.

Ultimate flex - barrel-handle connection designed to accelerate speed through contact. Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) - silicone infused collar at handle creates smooth feel at impact. Ultra high performance 2 1/4" composite barrel.

Mizuno 2017 Nighthawk Bat

Mizuno® 2017 Nighthawk


The new NIGHTHAWK FP features Double Wall X-Zone™ technology.

New X-Zone™ technology: Adjusts composite angles in 10 specific zones to expand the sweet spot. Double wall composite design. Patented 2-piece Link™ construction. Black Onyx Carbon™ used for greater durability. 2 1/4" barrel.

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