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Are you looking for an effective way to improve your hitting?

Do you want to help your baseball, or softball hitter concentrate on the ball with better timing and focus?

Ball Stickers are a great tool for helping increase a players focus on the ball. 

Complete with Four Colors, & Four Designs.

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*Does not include balls

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How This Product Works

Ball Stickers help a player learn to concentrate on the ball, and just the ball. This product is for use during "Soft Toss" hitting practice.

Ball Sticker Training Aid for Hitters

One Sticker Per Ball

The colored ball stickers are best used by placing one sticker. You should have several balls with different stickers for practice.

Ball Sticker Placement

Hide The Sticker

In order to have your hitter improve their hand-eye cordination cover the sticker with your hand before tossing the ball up.

Soft Toss Practice

Soft Toss The Ball

The goal is for the hitter to "Call Out" the color before he/she swings to contact the ball. This gets the player to focus on only the ball and not everything around it.

Ball Stickers Hitting Aid

Up the Challenge

To challenge your hitter, have them call out the Color & The Shape of the sticker before they hits the ball.

“Ball Stickers are a great tool for helping increase a players focus on the ball.”

About The Inventor Gary Leland

Gary Leland, Inventor of the Bunt Sock

“Gary Leland has been involved with fastpitch softball for many years. The first team he coached was for his daughters. By 2001 his team “Dabomb” won the 14 & Under Texas USSSA State Championship. The next year they repeated the feat by winning the Texas USSSA 15 & Under State Championship.

Gary loves fastpitch softball & has built a full network of websites dedicated to fastpitch softball at

— Gary Leland

Become A Better Hitter Today!

"A training aid to not only develop hand-eye cordination, but also to improve your overall hitting percentage."

A simple, but effective tool for hitting.

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*Does not include balls

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