Improve your Windmill Pitching

Are you looking for a proven windmill training pitching aid that can teach you the correct pitching motion?

Having a hard time understanding the mechanics of the windmill pitch?

The Windmill Trainer, also known as “The Perfect Circle”, is a great training system designed to teach the proper placement of the hand in the release zone of the windmill pitch for fastpitch softball pitchers.

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What This Product Has to Offer

The WIndmill Trainer "Perfect Circle" is the perfect windmill pitchers training aid to improve your fastpitch softball pitching game!

Pitching with The Windmill Trainer


The Windmill Trainer band goes around the center of your thigh on the leg that you push of the rubber with. The goal is to hit the flag every time that you complete the windmill motion. If you do not hit it one of two things has happened. Either you have tried to avoid your hips by leaving a gap or you have closed off your hips too soon.

Windmill Trainer Aid


Each windmill pitcher trainer comes with a strap that goes around your push off leg and a target flag to visualize and see in real time where your hand placement should be at the release of a windmill pitch.

Bill Hillhouse - House of Pitching


We have included a video by profesional pitching coach Bill Hillhouse. The video will help make sure that you know how to utilize this great fastpitch softball pitching aid.

“This pitching aid is great for a pitcher to use in front of a mirror so he or she does not get in the habit of looking down to try to hit the target. This will allow your player to practice by them self, make self corrections, and does not require another person to be there.”

Bill Hillhouse - International Pitching Coach

About Gary

Gary Leland, Inventor of the Bunt Sock

“Gary Leland has been involved with fastpitch softball for many years. The first team he coached was for his daughters. By 2001 his team “Dabomb” won the 14 & Under Texas USSSA State Championship. The next year they repeated the feat by winning the Texas USSSA 15 & Under State Championship.

Gary loves fastpitch softball & has built a full network of websites dedicated to fastpitch softball at

— Gary Leland

Improve your Windmill Pitching in Just 10 Days!

"A training aid to not only develop pitching mechanics, but also to fix problems that have arisen from bad pitching habits."

This training system is a great pitching aid whether you are working on basic mechanics or on the advance pitching mechanics of the windmill motion such as: the fastball, change-up, dropball, screwball, riseball, and curveball.

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